Little Leagues of the Westside - The Best Side


District 25 Staff

 District Administrator  Marty Hoy  [email protected] 
 Assistant Administrator Audrey McClenaghan [email protected] 
 Assistant Administrator  Carlos Cruz  [email protected] 
 Umpire in Chief  Willie Eichenberger  [email protected] 
 Assistant Administrator - Secretary  Nancy Freeman-Cruz  [email protected] 
 Umpire Consultant Paul Cummings  [email protected] 
 Assistant Administrator - Upper Division BB Carlos Cruz  [email protected] 
 Assistant Administrator - Challenger Jesse Sanchez [email protected]
 Assistant Administrator - Safety Scott Bridges [email protected]
 Assistant Administrator At Large Chris Schoenfelder [email protected]
 Assistant Administrator - Softball Jim Stephenson jimd25soft[email protected]
 Assistant Administrator At Large Mario Carr [email protected]
 Information Officer Cheryl Hoy [email protected]
 Assistant Administrator At Large Richard Ordin [email protected]
 Webmaster  Frank Harris [email protected]

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