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Umpiring can be extraordinarily rewarding for a number of reasons. Foremost among them is that as a Little League® umpire, you serve the children and families in your community.  Also, as a volunteer umpire, you gain an even deeper knowledge of, and appreciation for, Little League. Once you start officiating games you gain an entirely new perspective on the role umpires play in the Little League experience.  The decision to umpire is a testament to your character. Your willingness to work outside of your comfort zone sets a solid example for the league’s children, whose development as players and people depends on their ability to expand their comfort zones. 

For more information about umpiring in CA District 25, contact our Umpire-in-Chief Willie Eichenberger at [email protected]

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             2021 Little League Softball Western Region
                             Paul Cummings - D25

2020 D25 Field Mechanics


D25 Volunteer Umpires-at-Work


                                           Willie's Region Plate Game                              
                 Arizona vs Nevada
                                                                                               "CALLING BALLS AND STRIKES"


Chilli Willie- Frank Harris - Jose Nuno 2019             Bobby Machado - Carlos Cruz- Ron Machado- UIC Willie Eichenberger

Annie Boelke 
Willie Eichenberger & Pete Owens
 Benny Gonzales
Charlotte Pienkos
Larry Miller
Scott McLernon, Tyrone Powell, Mike Metzinger

Scott McLernon 

Frank Harris 

Mike Metzinger 

Joe Orue 

Willie Eichenberger at Little League SB World Series 2014 

Paul Cummings 

Charlotte Pienkos 

Mike Dingman 

Kalani Ongais 

Mike Dingman 

Rudy Romo 

Tyrone Powell 

Matthew Hepler 

Rudy Romo 

Bob Machado 

Ron Machado 

Matthew Hepler 

Alex Phelps 
Willie Eichenberger 

Scenes from the LL Urban Initiative Jamboree 2015

Umpire Clinic at SM Little League February 2015

Umpire Clinic at Culver City Little League February 2015

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